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The LED moving head gobo light that we can supply is composed of 15 LED mini moving head light, 30W LED moving head light and 60 W LED moving head light.

Adopting the ultra bright and high-power LEDs as a light source, the LED moving head gobo light features bright light output, sound vibration resistance, high safety and long service life of 60,000 to 100,000 hours but least heat output and less power consumption. Furthermore, it can display a wide variety of dynamic pictures on the stage or wall. Changeable light output colors can be achieved by the sound activation, stand-alone program, multiple master and slave machines as well as DMX512 synchronous control system. And this product is mainly used in discos, bars, stages or other places.

As a China LED moving head gobo light manufacturer, we offer not only LED stage lighting, but also LED commercial lighting, LED display screen, outdoor LED spotlight, and controller, among others.

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