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The LED display screen presents words, graphics or other information by the on-off operations of the red, blue and green LEDs. Full color LED display is formed by placing the red, green and blue LED tubes together, while conventional LED display screen are composed of LED display modules, control system and power supply system. In terms of working environments, the LED display can be divided into indoor, semi-outdoor and outdoor types while as for applications, it concludes information release display screen, car LED screen, and stage LED display.

Driven by the low voltage scanning method, the LED display screen of our company has unparalleled advantages over other large terminal displays, like TV screen, PDP, projector, etc. in terms of even light distribution, high brightness with low power distribution, and long operation life but excellent resistance against impact and vibration. This product has been widely accepted in more than 10 countries in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, etc. All-round customer services and technical support are also available here to help you make a better use of this product.

As a major LED display screen manufacturer in China, we provide a broad range of products that includes LED underwater light, LED floodlight, stage effect light, waterproof LED Par light, and much more.

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