DMX 512 Computer Controller

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DMX 512 Computer Controller

1. The DMX 512 computer controller can maximally control 12 computer lights at a time. And each computer light may have 8 or 16 channels at most.
2. Its digital wheel device can slightly adjust the horizontal or vertical movement of the lighting fixture.
3. This product is also equipped with a built-in microphone for audio input and music triggering functions. Also it has a DMX polarity selector, power failure memory protector and a blackout master button.
4. The MIDI is utilized to control over banks, chases and blackout.
5. This DMX 512 computer controller has 30 banks, each bank possessing 8 programmable scenes.
6. There are 6 programmable chases, each chase having 240 scenes.
7. The 8 sliders of our product are used for manual control of channels.
8. File dump allows data to be sent between 2 controllers.
9. Reversible DMX channels enable lighting fixtures to react in opposition to others in a chase.
10. The auto mode program of the DMX 512 computer controller can be controlled by speed and fade time sliders.

Technical Parameters
Model MJ-7003
Input voltage AC 90-240V/50-60HZ
Audio input Built-in microphone or line in, 100mv-1vpp
DMX in/out 3 pin multiple socket
MIDI in 5 pin multiple socket

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