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As a leading lighting fixture manufacturer, our company also produces controllers to complement our lighting instruments, including MJ-7001 computer light controller, MJ-7002DMX 512 controller, MJ-70013 DMX 512 computer controller as well as MJ-7004 RGB LED controller. Specifically, the MJ-7001 model can simultaneously control 24 intelligent lights with each light having 16 CH and 24 dimming channels. MJ-7003 type can program 30 banks, each bank storing 8 scenes. MJ-7004 model can be used to control mini tube lights, underwater lights, underground lights and wall washers.

Our controller, due to its flexible operation, simple function and economical price, has been applied to control stage and commercial lighting luminaries.

As a China-based controller manufacturer, Meijia provides a comprehensive range of products, including waterproof LED Par light, 4-in-1 battery LED light, LED strip light, LED light bulb, and much more.

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