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DMX512 Wireless Receiver/Transmitter

Product Number: MJ-7101

The DMX 512 wireless receiver fully achieves the data transmission between DMX512 controller and lighting fixture and among lighting luminaries, completely substituting for the long-term used twisted pair. And the data are conveyed without any delay and omission.

The DMX 512 wireless receiver adopts the 2.4G internationally accessible ISM band with a license-exempt permission. Its 126 channels can conduct automatic frequency modulation. Also, modulated with the GFSK, our product can automatically choose interference-free bands for reliable communications. Besides, the DMX 512 wireless receiver also has excellent resistance to interferences, so it can also work in any environments. The 7 groups of IDs enable you to use 7 groups of independent wireless networks in one place without any interference to one another. Our product uses LEDs with 3 base colors to present information.

1. Input Voltage: 5VDC 500mA MIN
2. Communication Distance: 400M (Open space, depending on actual environment conditions)
3. Working Frequency Range: 2.4G ISM, 126 groups
4. Maximum Transmitting Power: 20dBm
5. Receiving Sensitivity: -94dBm
6. DMX Signal Intrface: 3 pin female socket

Meijia is a China-based DMX512 wireless receiver /transmitter manufacturer. We offer an extensive line of products, including stage LED light, LED wall washer, waterproof LED Par light, LED strobe light, and more.

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