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  • CE
  • LED bulb-LVD Certificate
  • LED commercial lighting-EMC
  • LED stage lighting-EMC
  • LED wall washer-LVD(1)
  • LED wall washer-LVD(2)
  • LED Stage Lighting-LVD Certificate
  • MJ-2009 Series of Products
  • Model of stage light-LVD
  • Stage lighting-LVD
  • Verification STUGZES O091110971LM
  • Verification STUGZES O091110972LM
  • Wall washer-EMC
  • LED Stage Light - EMC Test Report
  • LED Stage Light- EMC Test Certificate
  • STUGZEM O091110974LMV
  • STUGZEM O091110975LMV
  • STUGZES O091110970LM Verification 2XXXX Series

As a specialized LED stage lighting manufacturer in China, our company offers a vast range of products, including LED moving head wash light, stage LED light, outdoor LED spotlight, stage effect light, and more.