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As a reputable company that develops and manufactures LED stage lighting, Mega believes that excellent product quality is critical for winning trust. Guided by this belief, we apply strict examinations on raw materials and finished products, and abide by standard regulations in manufacturing, ensuring that only qualified products are packaged and sent to the warehouse.

Before production, we choose a premium supplier for each kind of raw material, through conducting aging tests that last one to two months, high voltage tests, light attenuation tests, and longevity tests on the materials provided by all suppliers.

During production, all the operations are in accordance with the operation guide, and we have dedicated quality control personnel responsible for process inspection and installation guidance. In order to ensure product quality, all the processes in a production line are required to start over again even when errors occur only in one of them.

After production, finished products are sent to the quality inspection area, where they go through various performance tests and 30 to 40-hour aging tests until proven qualified. Then, certification and brand labels are attached to the qualified ones before they are sent to the Packaging Department, where the products and their components are cleaned and tidied, packaged in cartons. These cartons are finally moved to the warehouse, waiting for delivery.

1. Anemoscope
We use anemoscopes to check whether the heat dissipation system of the lighting instruments is working properly. Higher wind speed indicates better heat dissipation.

2. Thermometer
Thermometers are used for monitoring the LED temperature and the heat dissipation performance of the LED lighting products.

3. Ammeter
Ammeters are used for monitoring the operating current of the LED products, ensuring that the operating current is within a safe range.

4. Digital Color Meter
Digital color meters are used for monitoring the color temperature and color rendering index of the LED lights, ensuring that all the products have consistent color temperature.

5. High Voltage Testing Apparatus
High voltage testing apparatuses are used for detecting electricity leakage, ensuring the safe use of each product.

To meet customer needs, Mega has a special research and development team working on product development. The team can develop customized LED lighting products according to customers' requirements on the product appearance, structure, function, and light effect. Our major products now include the LED moving head light, LED wall washer, outdoor LED spotlight, LED PAR light, LED beam light, LED underwater light, LED underground light, and the LED ceiling light. We welcome you to contact us if you have any questions.